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Oh no........

Well there's a lesson

storm 27 °C

Photo_on_2..7_14_PM.jpgWell shit me. They don't announce the Jetstar flights in the Brisbane Qclub. Missed our flight by 30 minutes and can't even blame the scotch.

So it's been a long day. Now there is no more flights today on Jetstar. Our total fare for the trip was around $500. Now we've booked one way Qantas to Townsville from Brisie leaving in another 90 minutes (watching the departure screen like hawks) at the most reasonable rate of $800. There is a lesson here as Mandy is reminding me every 60 seconds. Must go, have a lot of scotch to drink.....$800 worth

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It only gets better

semi-overcast 27 °C

I must have a certain look. Quietly minding my own business in seat 3B and the male hostess (what do they call a male hostess anyway....lets call him Bruce) asks for me by name and takes my boarding pass. Although this is Jetstar, I'm thinking maybe the are going to upgrade me to first class and leave Mandy in cattle class. Wrong he doesn't come back and neither does my ticket. Do I really look like a terrorist. Anyway they let me stay and here we are in Brisbane the site of my up bringing...another few chivas regal scotch and I'll be primed for the next leg. Another photo. Is it us or the macbook air photo booth that's blurred. Next blog Townsville here we come.

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We're on our way but a few problems

sunny 27 °C

Made it to the long term parking, got on the bus and I realised as we reached the terminal that I had left my wallet in the car....duh. Round trip on the bus was fun. Back to the auto check-in, great I'm in seat 2A and Mandy is in 3B. Oh well at least we're on the same flight. Qantas club x 3 scotches and who cares. A quick stop over in Brisbane to come (another few scotches) should be primed by the time we reach Townsville.

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Change of Flight details

Now a flight via Brisbane for a quick change and then onto Townsville.

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Getting Ready

P9150007.jpgFlights booked, accommodation arranged and hire car ready. Great start by staying overnight in Sydney at the Stamford Airport and get free car parking. A few drinks at the Qantas Club, hate flying......

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